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Artist Holding a Paintbrush

How these fingers can make miracles happen ? 


My story

I’m Noura Al-Nasser. My father named me after my grandmother, and my name means light. As for Al-Nasser, it means victorious in Arabic, so my full name means the light of the victorious, and that is how I like to be called. My mother is an artist, who is skilled in crochet, drawing and writing poetry, and admires art of all kinds



the Ashers Art

The Ashers Collection

My best friends and companions. No! Most likely they are my family


Calligraphy Art

Arabic Calligraphy Collection

You were born with the ability to cry, but I was born with the ability to write

Screen Shot 2023-05-31 at 10.14.54 PM.jpg

Abstract Art

Abstract Collection

I do not live with you on this earth, I live in a world called Abstract Art


Umbrellas Art

Umbrella Collection

It was an answer, or perhaps a command, from another dimension to find a solution to my loneliness (Draw an umbrella)



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