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My Story

I’m Noura Al-Nasser. My father named me after my grandmother, and my name means light. As for Al-Nasser, it means victorious in Arabic, so my full name means the light of the victorious, and that is how I like to be called. My mother is an artist, who is skilled in crochet, drawing and writing poetry, and admires art of all kinds.

I was born left-handed with hands of gold! I naturally had beautiful handwriting; I remember very well at the age of nine when children at school were gathering at my desk in class asking me to write their names on their textbooks.

I was bullied when I was a kid because of my overweight. I was broken and sad. I don't know why people hate me if they don't like my body. Later, I tried for ten years to get rid of the accumulated fat, but I failed. I felt weak and disappointed in myself. I decided to escape from this cruel world, I fled as usual to art, where I met “The ashers” who became, and still are, my friends.

When I was a teenager, someone drew his cold weapon against me, my life was at stake. life in its details seemed worthless to me. I miraculously survived, and from that moment I vowed not to take from this life anything but joy, and to make better use of my days and my life.

At the age of fifteen, I published my blog on the Internet. I considered it my secret hideout. My blog was my only shot to be heard in that masculine world that did not see or hear me as a female.

On a peaceful day while I was drawing and designing through my devices, a crazy person who was not sober came to me and tried to rob my devices, I was terrified. I cried and strongly refused to hand it over to him to protect and defend the artistic legacy that my devices have. He got mad at me and broke my devices in front of my eyes. Not only did he break my devices, but he broke my heart with them. It was like the straw that broke the camel's back. I felt that life was going against me. After that thoughts and whispers devoured me, and I, forcibly, entered the terrifying tunnel of depression in my early youth.

Volunteering was my best friend. When I was sixteen, I started helping children develop their artistic and cultural skills. Volunteering helped me understand myself and develop my skills, and through it I knew the value of giving.

I always feel thirsty for success and achievement. By the age of twenty-five, I established seven different types of businesses, all of which ended in failure. I then realized that I was born for creativity and art, not for selling things that do not look like me.

In my youth, I quitted life! My cat and I were alone, facing life on our own. I wondered one day, “Oh God! How do I get out of my loneliness and feel alive?” The answer came to me in my dream, which interpretation was, “draw an umbrella”. I then believed that art was created to fill my soul, and that art is my best friend and my family.

I mastered Arabic calligraphy, painting, sculpture and graphic design of all types, and I admire photography, and my passion led me in the past to learn and make cartoon films. My journey of development in art has not, and will not, stop here. I am learning at my home in Riyadh every day, and I travel the world to inhale art from every culture


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